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Doug Smith - Western Writer

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Wrong Side of the Law
Author-- Doug Smith
ISBN 1-4137-6141-0
Release date : Spring 2005

Tom, a half-breed punching cattle for a ranch near Silver City, Idaho, is forced to kill another man in self-defense. Tried and wrongly convicted of murder, Tom makes a daring escape while being transported to prison and begins a desperate journey for justice and freedom in Idaho and Montana’s Lolo Trail. Accompanied by his friend, Pete, he must trust his wits to elude a crooked sheriff and his posse. They join ranks with the Nez Perce Indians where Tom falls in love with a beautiful Indian girl. Outnumbered and outgunned, Pete and Tom are badly wounded during a shootout with the sheriff and his deputies, and must rely on the protection of the Nez Perce while the sheriff tries to convince the US Cavalry to assist in their capture. Recovered, Tom must now return to Silver City to even the score with the sheriff and the judge who sentenced him.
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