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Doug Smith grew up around lumbering towns, farms and ranches in Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, and Utah. He served in the US Navy in the Pacific during WW II. Discharged in 1946. 1950 became a pilot flying small planes. His many accomplishments include playing country music professionally, raising cattle and Registered Quarter horses on his Oregon farm


Mr. Smith found tranquility with horses working on farms and ranches in Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming.  Smith traveled all over the world and was   involved in the construction of a sawmill in Paraguay, South America.


When asked why he became a writer he replied, “I became inspired to be a writer in my seventies after retiring, when I wanted to write about my Navy and World War II experiences. I decided to go to a writer’s class and after listening to others who were writing novels, I decided to try my hand at fiction."Why write western novels? “ My first novel actually came to me while I was asleep. I have always been a lover of the Old West and a Civil War Buff. I know a lot about the 1800’s west since my ancestors came west in 1848. Therefore, it seemed the natural thing to do. My mother was a writer. I think the genes were in me. My grandmother wrote poetry.” My great great grandfather was a writer and politician in the 1800's old west.


Doug A. Smith

Western novelist Doug A.Smith is a compelling author
and historian. His vast life experiences, enthusiasm
and zest for life can only further his charismatic nature.
His novel," Wrong Side of The Law " is only a taste of what this author has to offer. The next novel "Texas US Marshal" has been accepted for publication and will be out sometime in 2005,and a third," Will Picket," is in the works.
"Wrong side of the Law" 
ISBN 1-4137-6141-0
Official release date. 6-11-05
available now
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For autographed copies contact Doug Smith
Tom, a half-breed punching cattle for a ranch near Silver City, Idaho, is forced to kill another man in self-defense. To read more click here.

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